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Preliminary Programme

  Mechanisms of consciousness and how epilepsy disrupts it
  Section Head: Kimford J. MEADOR
  Contemplative practice and epilepsy
  Section Heads: Pete ENGEL, Fabienne PICARD
  Epilepsy and the musical brain 
  Section Heads: Marco MULA, Josef PARVIZI
  Epilepsy and the moving image: Fun, facts and fantasy
  Section Heads: Walter van EMDE BOAS, Sally BAXENDALE
  Cognitive enhancement with brain stimulation
  Section Heads: Greg WORRELL, Milan BRÁZDIL
  Psychogenic non-epileptic Seizures: The evolution and current stauts of Freud’s hysteria
  Section Heads: Gail RISSE, Julia DOSS 
  The influence of mood on perception of memory and quality of life in epilepsy
  Section Head: Michael SPERLING
  Preoperative depression and postsurgical epilepsy outcomes
  Section Head: Hrvoje HECIMOVIC
  Mapping the Mind in Epilepsy: functional Imaging and electrocortical stimulation of language and memory functions
  Section Heads: William H. THEODORE, Michael SPERLING
  Epilepsy in the age of social media
  Section Heads: Sally BAXENDALE, Günter KRÄMMER
  How to distinguish epilespy in dementia from memory loss in epilepsy
  Section Head: Adam ZEMAN 
  Cannabis derivates and epilepsy
  Section Head: Martin J. BRODIE
  Social cognition and emotion recognition in epilepsy – distinct domains or uniform package?
  Section Head: Petr MARUSIČ
  Extra-operative language mapping using power spectra modulations in intracranial signals: networks, connectivity, and post-operative outcomes
  Section Head: Ravindra ARYA
  Selfinduction: What makes it so special?
  Section Head: Dorothé TRINITÉ-KASTELEIJN



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